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Woven Labels

Alpha Impressions offers broadloom and needle loom quality woven labels.

The most common loom manufacturing woven label is the broadloom.
The advantage of this type of woven label is a high rate of production,
making for a cheaper label and the ability of using up to 12 colors.
In general, these labels are thicker than the neddle loom labels due to the
use of heavier yarns used in the weaving process. They also have a hot slit edge.
The majority of woven labels today are made on a broadloom. Economy comes in larger orders.

There are very few conventional looms still running. Those left are mostly narrow widths.
Needle looms are made with finer yarns and are thinner and less bulky than broad looms and
the knitted edges are smoother and less irritating. The disadvantage is the cost.
Needle loom labels can cost 10% more than a broadloom label.

Different Types of Weaves Available

Taffeta: This weave has a flat matte ground and is the least expensive of the weaves.

Satin: Is sheen in appearance and traditionally is used on more expensive garments
and costs more due to the fact that it uses more yarn and is slower to weave.

Twill: This is a more textured weave than taffeta but costs about the same.

Damask: A tighter weave and therefore is best for true color in ground and figure.
It costs about the same as Satin.

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