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Art Department

A label design can be as simple as Helvetica typeface to a drawing or a picture.
The more colors the greater the prices, the greater the effect.

The artwork and the way the label is sewn should dictate the size.

When designing a label remember it is a part of the garment, some how it has
to be attached to the garment in particular place. Most common place is in the
back of the neck and it is sewed. How it’s to be sewed is also important.
This will tell you how much space you’ll need to leave for sew space.

Our printed labels are guaranteed to withstand home laundering.
The manufacturer of garment is held responsible for their product; this
includes the labels ability to withstand the manufacturing and cleaning process.
Please test our labels to see if they meet your needs as labels.
If you have special needs we can help with the unusual and give you some suggestion to help.

Our Art Department can handle all of your creative or production needs.
Whether you need a logo created or have and existing design that you need
translated into camera-ready artwork let us know.
We handle a wide variety of digital files for both the Macintosh and IBM.

Before sending any artwork please view our pdf of detailed instructions on submission of artwork


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